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About Software Packaging Solutions

About SPS

Software Packaging Solutions provide efficiently prepared reliable customized packages for desktop and server application deployment alongside, testing, management and reporting. Software Packaging Solutions also provide Application Compatibility testing for Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 and Windows Server editions, Virtualization for preparation, management,  virtual packages and Mobile Pack for managing Apple iOS and Windows Store apps.

Software Packaging Solutions delivers significant value to your organization and can monitor, then trigger the addition of newly published applications and combine them to the next readily available software package update.

The average application refresh cycle on an annual basis is about 30% year over year whether its new applications or updates, upgrades or o/s migration. Deploying a poorly prepared or tested package can crash mission-critical applications, slow productivity and send help desk costs soaring. There's always pressure to get new technologies quickly onto the desktop environment,  ensure minimal downtime and disruption to the workplace.

Software Packaging Solutions ensure that packagers can be deployed in reliable MSI packages successfully time and time over by utilizing central repository for storing applications, enabling testing to eliminate application conflicts ensuring the readiness to streamline migration planning. Faster and smarter computer environments use software packaging solutions to ensure seamless application readiness.





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About Software Packaging Solutions