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Application readiness

 About SPS  Application readiness
Application readiness

So what else fits within SPS Application readiness?

Conflict Resolution
This process includes testing for package conflicts against other existing applications within he operating environment, then resolving any issues found. We’ll take a look at application extension files such as  DLL, compare applications with each other, registry settings, com objects, then isolate any conflicts.

Quality Assurance testing
This process involves verifying the package components and ensuring that they are configured correctly prior to deployment SPS can also report any hardware requirements in order for the application to run at maximum performance or even whether a device driver is required for the software to run within the multi-user environment whether it’s for terminal servers or within a standalone client server environment

This process also is where SPS will input specific custom commands and instructions so that the the software will be fully configured during deployment.

All the information and audit history is logged so that we are able to manage future updates by applying application readiness, we can ensure that the next platform migration or future envrionment is compatable.



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Application readiness

“Applications installed on demand without conflict”

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